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About Our Company:

Custom Mirror and Furniture is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1982, proudly serving customers in the Phoenix, Az.

We also assist clients state-wide, and are specialists in residential, commercial, & industrial projects.

As a family-owned company, our customers mean the world to us, and we have dedicated ourselves to offering industry leading service that is high-quality, honest, friendly, and professional!

With 5-star reviews across the board, and almost 90 percent of our Phoenix business coming from word-of-mouth referrals, and repeat customers, we know that our commitment to our customers happiness makes all of the difference.

We are able to customize any Phoenix glass shower door (or complete shower enclosure) project that you need, and we look forward to earning your business!

“This is a first class operation. They are always on time and do excellent work. Lance the owner of the company will go out of his way to make sure your satisfied.

Sid M.

Unique Frameless Glass Shower Doors Custom Made For Your Every Need and Specification!

We provide many beautifully designed framed, semi-fameless, and frameless glass shower doors and shower enclosures for residential and commercial properties in Phoenix. We can customize your shower doors to meet almost any need, design concept, or measurements/specifications that you might have.

With almost endless choices of glass, frames, hardware, and accents… and with almost 40-years of expert experience… we will help bring your customized glass shower door project to life!

Our team of expert install professionals are prompt, friendly, and highly trained. We take every step possible to respect your home or company, clean up when we’re done, and answer any questions that you might during the whole process.

A Few Custom Shower Door Options We Offer in Phoenix:

“We were very pleased with this company. 

They came promptly to give an estimate, scheduled promptly, and then they actually came on time to do the job (they even called and asked if they could come earlier, which was great!). The workers were polite and very efficient, cleaned up after themselves, explained everything and answered our questions … and they did a beautiful job!

We love our shower doors and would highly recommend them to anyone!”

Carl B.

Glass Shower Doors Phoenix With Modern Design

Glass shower doors are what we have become known for. Since 1982 (going on 40 years!) we have specialized in creating unique, customized, and beautifully designed glass shower door creations for our awesome customers!

1. Frameless Shower Doors

A frameless shower door is made from one single pane, and usually pivots outwards into the room. This provides for a cleaner, and more modern aesthetic. These frameless pivot-style doors are elegant and trendy. They are also among the more durable, and structurally sound choices, which explains the reason why they are frequently the most highly sought-after doors.

2. Full Frameless Shower Doors

If you have a more “open space” style bathroom, you may want to think about a full frameless shower enclosure instead, which will help add a sense of dimension to your bathroom.

Full frameless enclosures could be square, curved, rectangular, or even hexagonal. The final size and shape will be based on the unique configuration of your bathroom, and your budget.

3. Bi-Fold Shower Doors

For bathrooms with limited space, Bi-fold shower doors are usually a wonderful option.

Bi-Fold shower doors, feature panels which fold inside the shower, enabling you to maximize the space in your bathroom to the fullest.

These doors are not only a practical solution for smaller spaces, but they are also very affordable as well.

4. Curved Glass Shower Doors

If you are looking to create a "walk-in" shower enclosure, then utilizing curved glass doors can help you to really open up your shower. They do this by giving you the optical sense of the enclosure being bigger than it actually is. Curved glass doors and enclosures nearly always feature a frame at both the top, and underside, of the enclosure.

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Thanks to incredible progress in glass production technologies, there are a wide range of shower glass design types you can pick from. Some of the glass style options which are the most popular with many of our customers include:

Thanks to incredible progress in glass production technologies, there are a wide range of shower glass design types you can pick from. Some of the glass style options which are the most popular with many of our customers include:

Clear Glass: This is the most frequently used variant of glass. It has a subtle green tint that is inherent to all Clear Glass types . As such, we do not recommend this type of shower glass if your shower incorporates pure white marble or tile, as it will cause a green lighting to be cast against that pure white color.

Low-Iron Glass: This option of shower glass is the best for overall glass clarity, and an excellent option for white or lightly colored tiled showers.

* Please note that Clear & Low-Iron shower glass designs are ideal selections for smaller bathrooms, as they help to make the bathroom appear bigger.

Frosted Glass: This style of shower glass is partially "opaque" glass, manufactured by acid-etching or sandblasting the glass. Utilizing frosted glass techniques, we could make your entire shower door frosted, or frosted glass can be used to incorporate beautiful designs onto your enclosure.

Rain Glass: This is a unique, manufacturer made patterned glass, which runs throughout the entire glass panel, which helps to add a distinctly unique texture (and privacy protection) to your shower.

* Frosted, frosted-etched, rain patterned, or tinted glass variants, are normally the preferred choice if you are going for privacy, or if you have an older shower in which you don't want to have the tile exposed to the sun, or to be seen from the exterior.

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Frameless & Semi-Frameless: The strongest glass thickness variant that we provide in our frameless shower doors and enclosures, is a 1/2-inch thick architectural glass (that is HIGHLY suggested for frameless showers!). However, we also offer: 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch, and 3/8-inch glass.

Framed: For framed shower projects, we recommend working with a glass of a thickness of 3/16-inch or 1/4-inch. This enables the glass to become "lighter" (compared to thick and more weighted frameless glass doors) which is due to the sturdy metal frames around the glass doors.

Once we have a more clear understanding of your bathroom, and design concept, we'll make a recommendation on which glass thickness will be the best option to use for your unique project.

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When looking at the factors that decide the purchase price of shower doors in Phoenix, first you want to be aware of the style, size, and layout requirements of your shower, as well as the aesthetic and design of your bathroom overall.

Larger showers usually require more glass than compact ones, and will usually have a higher price point compared to smaller showers.

Moreover, the sort of customizations you want will affect the overall price as well, with customizations including carved or etched edges, or frosted glass, often adding to the cost as well.

The more "complex" the design, the higher the cost. This is normally a result of additional materials required, or time required to produce/carve/frost etc. the door pieces to your desired specifications.

It is also very important to note that curved glass, or other uniquely shaped glass enclosures, are more expensive than other more conventional "right-angled" designs.

Another key consideration is the over-all size of the panels you require, and the thickness/quality of the glass.

On average, custom glass shower doors could cost as low as $500-$600, and as high as $1,500 or more. It all depends on your unique needs and requirements. You'll also need to factor in the installation costs that could range from around $200-$300 on average.

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Yes, if you let us know that you need hardware at the time of the quote. Many customers do, but sometimes our clients have hardware they've already purchased.

So in the event that you are going to be needing hardware, please let us know at the beginning.

Once we give you your final estimate, It Is going to include the hardware as well. We don't believe in hidden fees and surprises. You will know all of the pricing upfront.

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First, you would need to contact us for free consult and quote.
We will come out and measure your space, go over the specifications you are looking for, and then help you create the custom glass shower door or enclosure you have been dreaming of!

  1. You can call us at: Click To Call Us At 602-922-6386

  2. Or fill out our online quote form by clicking on one of the green "Request a Quote" buttons found on this page.

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Our expertly crafted frameless shower doors offer a clean, elegant, and modern addition to any bathroom. Through the use of masterfully-cut frameless lines, and our high-quality expert craftsmanship, we can customize your frameless glass shower door to match any design concept, or unique specifications, that you may have in mind!

Frameless Shower Doors Phoenix With One Panel

Frameless Shower Doors: This style of shower door or enclosure comprises of very thick, tempered glass (typically either 3/8" or 1/2" thick), giving the glass much greater strength, allowing for it to be quite sturdy and durable. There's also no need to frame each glass piece individually as other enclosure styles may need. Typically, the only "metal elements" you may find on a frameless shower enclosure is on the hinges, as well as the hardware.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors: This shower door varient, can feature a "mix" of both framed, and frameless, glass enclosure elements. The glass used in this type of door is usually a bit thicker than in a normal "framed enclosure", and normally the doors of the enclosure itself are frameless.

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Frameless glass shower doors have seen a incredible increase in their popularity during the last decade, and with very good reason. Frameless doors provide a modern and clean look and feel, which can be more challenging to achieve with a conventional "framed style" enclosure option.

To get a custom frameless glass shower door (generally the best option when all things are considered), you are probably looking at spending around $900 - $2,000+ for a door and panel, with the average coming in at around $1,100 - $1,200.

The installation cost, which is separate in many cases, will generally be around $280 - $300.

Semi-frameless shower doors can have a very wide price range as well, typically running around $600 - $2,200 (depending on the scope of the project).

Even though semi-frameless shower doors & enclosures are still used today, most modern bathroom designs are choosing the frameless style. Frameless shower doors help showcase the bathroom area, provide for a more "open concept" look and feel, and offer much greater possibilities when it comes to further design and customization.

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Nope. Frameless shower doors do not "leak", and the Az heat has no bearing on that. There are very small "openings" near the hinges, and sometimes on the sides of the enclosure, it's highly unlikely that water will leak out through these openings unless water pressure is forcefully and consistently pointed directly at those small seams.

We have installed thousands of frameless enclosures within the last 40 years, and "leaking" is not a concern. However, if we see that water leakage may be an issue (for instance, if your tile/floor slopes the wrong direction, or the direction/placement of a shower head is pointed right at the seams of the frameless enclosure) we definitely bring it to your attention at the time of measurement, and suggest potential solutions prior to moving forward.

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Since frameless glass shower doors do not have thick framing, they are (aesthetically speaking) a far superior alternative to any other shower door options currently available on the market today. They allow for your bathroom’s color theme, tiles, flooring, lighting fixtures, and other bathroom aesthetics to be better highlighted.

Furthermore, frameless glass shower doors are easier to clean, because they do not have metal framing, they only have the glass and minimal perimeter support. For these reasons, the frameless option will last for a longer period of time than a door with a traditional metal framework.

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“I had them replace a shower door that had been broken.  The price was very reasonable and they worked around my work schedule.  They made it very easy to get done. Would not hesitate to use then again!

Barbara K.

Double-Pane Glass Custom Shower Doors Phoenix

We make ordering custom shower doors easy, fun, and exciting!

Our custom shower doors range from clean-cut lines and full multi-panel enclosures, to chiseled edges with unique accents and motifs.

If you can imagine a design … we can make it a reality!

With many Arizona shower doors projects, the final rate will depend on the respective project, and be priced according to your own unique needs, project vision, and shower enclosure specifications.

For smaller projects (requiring less detailed customizations for example), the average investment would be anywhere from $600 - $1,000, and up to $1,500 or more.

For heavily customized projects (for instance frosted glass featuring a carved top that resembles mountain tops), it could be close to $1,500 - $2,000 or more.

We have installed beautiful custom shower doors for as low as $1,000 for small bathroom projects, and we’ve also created custom shower doors for huge estate bathrooms costing as much as $25,000 or more.

Whatever your custom shower door vision is, we will work with you and your designated budget, to bring it into reality!

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It will depend on how long it takes for you to make your final choices on the glass type, door type, hardware and desired customizations, etc.

Once we have those details hammered out, and we have finished the measurements of your shower, we'll supply you with a cost and time quote.

Once your order has been placed, it usually takes around 2 weeks from the last measure visit, to installation. However, if it is a bigger job, or one with lots of customizations, it may possibly take a little bit longer.

The best way to figure out time tables, would be to reach out to us and inform our team about your job, and then we would have the ability to provide you with a fairly good estimate.

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We honestly could not answer that until we learn more about what exactly it is you are searching for.

We believe in being up-front and honest from the very start when it comes to our pricing (that is literally one of the primary reasons why we have such a great reputation with our awesome customers).

We don't turn down "small projects" just because of "lower budgets". We want to see everybody get to have their perfect custom shower enclosure that they have always wanted, and if we could help make that happen for you, we will!

And if we don't think we can provide the quality and specifications of the custom shower doors you would like (within your particular budget), we'll let you know right from the start and promise not to waste your time.

However, if we can provide similar options, or possibly suggest an alternative option you may have not thought about (that would still work around your budget), we will be happy to do so.

Often times, customers with smaller budgets don't even realize all of the options available to them, and therefore, don't give us a call thinking there's "nothing we could do for them".

However, when they finally do reach out to us, they are usually pleasantly surprised. There are a plethora budget-friendly options which we could help you to discover.

It is not unusual for a customer to reach out to us needing one thing, and then end up ordering something different which fit their project even better ... and it is usually an option which they didn't even know existed until we had helped them discover it! (trust us when we say, this happens ALL the time)

So please don't be afraid to reach out to us if you have a "smaller" budget! We'd love the opportunity to get to work with you, and in the event that we can't, we'll let you know immediately … (and perhaps even have the ability to present a reliable referral to you for somebody else who can).

When you reach out to us, you are calling a friendly, family-owned company. You are talking to real people, who wish to help if we can, and we will treat you with the same respect, friendliness, and honesty with which we would treat a member of our own family.

That's been our outlook from the beginning … treat customers with respect, friendliness, and honesty... and our countless repeat customers have come to rely on us for that!

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If your current glass shower door has been damaged or broken, we can help!

 We facilitate shower door replacements often, and are able to quickly create a matching replacement door.

Older Man Doing Shower Door Replacement Phoenix
Shower Door Installation Phoenix

We take enormous pride in our awesome team of friendly, courteous, clean, and professional Phoenix shower door installation specialists!

All of our specialists are highly trained and vetted, and work diligently to ensure that each and every customer receives the amazing experience that has created  our reputation of excellence in Phoenix!

How long it will take to install your shower enclosure will be based on the difficulty of the door itself along with the number of installers required.

For the majority of doors, that have customized and usually very exact measurements, they'll fall into the "standard" installation classification. This means that from beginning-to-end (including cleanup), the installation should only take a few hours.

However, for big custom doors, and/or complete shower enclosures, the installation could take around 4-6 hours.

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The install rate is determined on a project-by-project basis. Deciding cost factors may include:
  • The number of installers that will be needed
  • Shower door type
  • Weight of the shower enclosure
  • difficulty of the installation
  • etc.
On average the installation rate is usually around $200 - $380 for smaller projects, and around $500 - $700 for larger projects. Learn More Here

We Can Help You Bring Your Custom Glass Shower Door Vision To Life!

Whether you are designing a new property, remodeling a bathroom, looking for a replacement, or just looking for a change … we can help bring your project to life!

We invite you to visit out showroom, or we can send a specialist over to you. We work hard, to make the whole process as fun and easy for you as possible!

A Few Of The Areas Around Phoenix We Serve Include:

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