Arizona Shower Door Installation

We take great pride in our amazing team of friendly, courteous, clean, and professional Arizona shower door installation specialists!

All of our specialists are highly vetted and trained, and work diligently to ensure that each and every customer receives the amazing experience that has built our reputation of excellence in Arizona!

How long it will take to install your shower door (or enclosure) will depend on the complexity of the door/enclosure itself, and the number of installers present.

For the majority of doors, which have customized and usually very precise measurements, they will fall into the “standard” category. This means that from start to finish (including cleanup), the install should only take a few hours.

However, for large custom doors and full shower enclosures, the install could take 4-6 hours.

The installation cost is determined on a project-by-project basis. Such factors include:

  • The number of installers that will be need
  • Door type
  • Complexity of the install
  • etc.

On average the install cost is usually around $200-$380 for smaller projects, and around $700 for larger projects.

A Few Of The Areas Around Phoenix We Serve Include:

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