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Beautiful, elegant, and expertly crafted Glass Shower doors are what we are known for. Since 1982 (almost 40 years now), our expert craftsmen have specialized in creating unique, custom, and beautifully designed glass shower doors for our amazing customers!

1. Frameless Shower Doors

A frameless shower door is made of a single pane and usually pivots outwards into the room. This provides for a more clean, and modern look. These frameless pivot-style doors are elegant and stylish. They are also one of the more durable and structurally sound available options, which is why they are often the most highly sought-after.

2.  Full Frameless Shower Enclosures

If you have a larger bathroom, you might want to consider a full frameless shower enclosure instead, which helps to add a sense of dimension to your bathroom.

Enclosures can be square, curved, rectangular, or even hexagonal. The size and shape will depend on the unique configuration of your bathroom and your budget.

3. Bi-Fold Shower Doors

For bathrooms with limited space, Bi-fold shower doors are a wonderful option.

Bi-Fold doors, feature panels that fold inside the shower, allowing you to maximize the space in your bathroom to the fullest.

These doors are not only a practical solution for smaller bathrooms, but they are also very affordable.

4. Curved Glass Shower Door

If you are looking to install a “walk-in” shower space, then utilizing curved glass doors can help to really open up your shower, by giving you the optical sense of the space being bigger than it actually is. Curved glass doors and enclosure almost always feature a frame at both the top and bottom of the door.

Thanks to advancements in glass production technology, there are a wide range of shower glass styles you can choose from. Some of the glass styles that are the most popular with our customer include:

Clear Glass: This is the most common style of glass. It has a slight green tint which is inherent to all clear glass types. As such, we do not recommended this type of shower glass, if your shower has pure white tile or marble, as it will create a green lighting to be cast against the pure white colors.

Low-Iron Glass: This style of shower glass is the best for overall clarity, and an excellent choice for white or light tiled/backdropped showers.

* Please note that Clear & Low-Iron shower glass styles are perfect options for smaller bathrooms, as they help to make the room look bigger.

Frosted Glass: This style of shower glass is a partially “opaque” glass created from acid-etching or sandblasting the glass. Using frosted glass technology, we can make your entire shower door frosted, or the frosting can be used to create beautiful designs on your doors.

Rain Glass: This is a unique, factory made patterned glass, that runs through the entire glass panel, which helps to add a distinctly unique texture (and privacy guard) to your shower.

* Frosted, frosted-etched, rain patterned, and/or tinted glass styles, are usually the best options if you are going for privacy, or if you have an older shower where you don’t want the tile exposed to the sun, or to be visually seen from the outside.

Frameless & Semi-Frameless: The strongest glass thickness option that we offer for our frameless shower doors and enclosures is a 1/2-inch thick architectural glass (which is HIGHLY recommended for frameless showers!).  However, we also work with: 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch, and 3/8-inch glass.

Framed: For framed shower projects, we recommend working with a glass of a thickness of 3/16-inch or 1/4 inch glass. This allows the glass to be “lighter” (compared to thick and heavier frameless glass options) which is due to the sturdy metal frames around the glass.

Once we have a better understanding of your bathroom, and design specifications, we will make a recommendation on which thickness would be the best option to choose for your unique project.

When looking at the factors that decide the price of glass shower doors, first you need to know the style, size, and design of your shower, as well as design and aesthetic of your bathroom overall.

Bigger showers usually require more glass than compact ones and will obviously have a higher price point compared to smaller showers. Additionally, the type of customization you want will play into the price as well, with features like carved or chiseled edges, or frosted glass, usually adding to the price as well.

The more “complex” the design, the higher the price tag. This is usually due to extra materials needed, or time needed to produce/carve/frost etc. the pieces to your desired specifications.

It’s also important to note that curved glass or uniquely shaped glass panels are more expensive than more traditional “right-angled” designs. Another key consideration is the over-all size of the panels you require, and the thickness/quality of the glass.

On average, custom glass shower doors could cost as low as $500-$600 and as high as $1,500 or more. It all depends on your unique desires and requirements. You will also need to factor in the installation costs which could range from $200-$300+ on average.

Yes, if you let us know that you need hardware. Many customers do, but others have hardware they have already purchased. So if you will be needing hardware, please let us know at the beginning.

Once we give you your final quote, it will include the hardware as well. We don’t believe in hidden fees and surprises. You will see all the pricing upfront at the beginning.

First, you would need to contact us for free consult and quote.

We will come out and measure your space, go over the specifications you are looking for, and then help you create the custom glass shower door or enclosure you have been dreaming of!

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