Custom Shower Doors Arizona

We make getting custom shower doors in Arizona easy, fun, and exciting!

Our custom shower doors range from clean-cut lines and full multi-panel enclosures, to chiseled edges with unique shapes and motifs.

If you can envision it … we can bring it to life!

Like most other Arizona shower doors, the final price will be up to the individual project based on your unique needs, wants, and specifications.

For smaller projects with basic customizations, the average is anywhere from $1,000 - $1,500+.

For heavily customized projects, for instance frosted glass with a chiseled top that looks like mountain peaks, it could be around $2,000+.

We have done custom shower door projects for as low as $1,000 for a small bathroom, and as high as $25,000+ for large estate bathrooms. Whatever your custom shower door dream is, we can work with you and your designated budget, to bring it to reality!

It will depend on how long it takes you to make your final decisions on the door type, glass type, desired customizations, hardware, etc.

Once we have those details hammered out, and we have completed the measurements of your space, we will provide you with both a cost and time estimate.

Once your order has been placed, it usually takes around 2 weeks from final measure to installation. However, if it’s a larger project or one with many customizations, it will take a little bit longer.

The best way to figure out timing, would be to call us and let us know about your project, and then we will be able to give you a pretty good estimate.

We honestly can’t answer that until we learn more about exactly what you are looking for.

We believe in being honest and upfront from the beginning when it comes to pricing (that’s literally one of the main reasons why we have such a great reputation with our amazing customers).

We don’t turn away “small projects” just because of “small budgets”. We want everybody to have the beautiful custom shower doors they want, and if we can help make that happen for you, we will!

If we don’t believe we can provide the quality and specifications of the custom doors you want, within your specific budget, we will tell you from the get-go and promise not waste your time.

However, if we can provide similar options, or maybe suggest an option you hadn’t considered that would work within your budget, we are happy to do so.

Often times, customers with “smaller” budgets don’t even realize all the options available to them, and as such, don’t give us a call thinking there is “nothing we can do for them”.

However, when they do call us, they are usually pleasantly surprised. There are so many budget-friendly options that we can help you to discover.

It’s not unusual for a customer to call us wanting one thing, and end up ordering something else that fit their desires better … and it’s usually an option that they didn’t even know existed … until we had shown them! (believe us when we say, this happens a LOT)

So please don’t be afraid to call us if you have a “smaller” budget! We would love the chance to get to work with you, and if we can’t, we will tell you right away (and maybe even be able to provide a good referral to someone else who can).

When you call us, you are calling a friendly, family-owned business. You are talking to real people, who want to help if we can, and we will treat you with the same friendliness and honesty that we would treat a member of our own family.

That has been our outlook from the start, treat people with respect, friendliness, and honesty … and our hundreds of repeat customers have come to know us for that. : )

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